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Remember That Time


By Mabelle Reynoso

"Remember That Time" is a play for all audiences in which eleven-year-old Carol pursues the answer to the question, “Can we be a family?” by creating an album of make-believe memories with her father who is serving a life sentence. "Remember That Time" was first performed as a workshop reading at the San Diego Rep Latinx New Play Festival in 2021 as part of the Local Panel Project, thanks to the support of Playwrights Project. You can learn more about the program that inspired this work here. The artistic team for this reading, comprised of professional theatre artists and community members, was instrumental in the development of this play.


CAROL - Nancy Batres

TATA - Ruben Radillo

DAD - Carlos Vasquez



Tori Rice

Nancy Batres-Headshot .jpg

Nancy Batres


Nancy Batres is an actor and artist. She is a founding member of K.B. Theatre Company, an arts group & creative producing collective founded in El Paso, TX. Recent credits include reading stage directions in Saints Go Marching (TuYo Theatre/ Milagro Theatre’s INGENIO 2020 Live Virtual Theatre Festival) and The Displaced (Amigos del REP). Acting credits include Dream Hou$e (CSUSM & TuYo Theatre), Resistance Creates Beauty (Blindspot Collective), A Play About Something (Backyard Renaissance Theatre Company/ La Jolla Playhouse Without Walls Festival), Aztec Pirates & The Insignificance of Life on Mars - Reading - (San Diego Repertory Theatre Latinx New Play Festival), and A Mother's Mother (Playwrights Project)


Tori Rice

Director & Dramaturg

Tori Rice is an award-winning theatre-maker living in San Diego County. She is honored to be a part of this powerful project alongside her favorite collaborator and playwright, Mabelle. As a Teaching Artist, she develops workshops for people of all ages with CoTA and Playwrights Project, with her primary focus on individuals impacted by the system. She has performed and been produced internationally. More info at Check out Hey Playwright podcast (with co-host, Mabelle!) at

Carlos Vasquez.jpg

Carlos Vasquez


Carlos Vasquez began writing plays and acting four years ago, as a participant in Playwrights Project’s Out of the Yard program, which inspired the development of Mabelle Reynoso’s play Remember That Time. Carlos is the writer of five plays which he has had the privilege to see acted out by his fellow playwrights and professional actors. The entire experience has been life changing. As a writer, he takes pride in always challenging himself with new topics, ones that yearn for life. He puts a little of himself into each of his main characters.

Ruben Radillo.jpg

Ruben Radillo


Ruben Radillo is a writer, actor, visual artist, and tattoo artist. During the pandemic he has written and performed with Playwrights Project via Zoom for their Out of the Yard program. He is grateful to have honored the work of writers from our Richard J. Donovan Correctional facility, Centinela State prison and Playwrights Project’s Returned Writers Circle. “My philosophy to the arts is that all people are unique and expressing yourself in which ever art is appealing to you can make you grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s my desire to display my art and hopefully it will move and inspire someone in a special way.”


Markuz Rodriguez

Teacher / Little Guy / Ringmaster / Parrot

A San Diego native, Markuz' favorite local acting credits include: Stage (Backyard Renaissance commissioned by La Jolla Playhouse); All in the Timing, A Bright New Boise, Good People (OSP); Sweat, Corridos REmix (San Diego Rep); The Madres (Moxie Theatre); Under Construction (Sledgehammer Theatre commissioned by La Jolla Playhouse); Speech & Debate (Diversionary Theatre); Punks (Ion Theatre). Mr. Rodriguez studied the Meisner technique at Studio 4/Playhouse West in North Hollywood. Co-writer/director/producer of 2017's smash comedy hit The Cat Lady and Okurrr (featured one-act at the 2018 San Diego Fringe Festival).  A teaching artist with Playwright’s Project and various high schools around the county, Markuz is enjoying focusing more energy on developing new projects for stage, film and television.

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