Poster for Pastorela 2.0.jpg


Playwrights Project, 2017

Commissioned by Playwrights Project in partnership with SAY San Diego and the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of California, this play explores what happens when four teenagers become entangled with meth. This fictional story was created inspired by numerous interviews with San Diegans impacted by addiction.



TuYo Theatre, 2019

Commissioned by TuYo Theatre, this play tells the story of Mercado Nochebuena, a grocery store that has been putting on a community pastorela for over three decades. But times are changing. Will the people and pastorela adapt or fold under new pressure? Complete with an epic battle between Good and Evil, this is a modernized re-telling of the classic holiday pastorela.



Gordon Rocket, 2013

A little boy is fascinated by the skyride at the zoo. He soon discovers that he's not the only one. This picture book was written to address the interest and curiosity of those of us who only want to go to the world famous San Diego Zoo to look at the Von Roll skyride. Not saying I am one of those people, but I know a guy.