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2021 ReImagine: New Plays in TYA Grantee

Learn about the development workshop with Teatro Bravo here.

One rainy night, siblings Sam and Kris are completely consumed by their devices as their mother sets up a pillow fort and invites them to play Lotería. Her invitation is met with a resounding “NO.” When the internet goes out, Sam and Kris are outraged. Where is their Mom to fix it?! The kids soon discover that the pillow fort is a magical portal to the world of Lotería and their mother is trapped inside the game. Sam and Kris set out to bring her back, but Lotería will not let her go so easily. Conceived as an interactive experience, ¡Lotería: Game On! invites the audience to join Sam and Kris as they play to win back their mother.


Premiered at Theatre SilCo in April 2023.


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